Aug 19, 2017

New 2 QSOs in this afternoon

Hi all.

Today was open moon window at 3 to 16 o'clock local time. This morning at 5 o'clock local time. I was QSO KL6M on CW mode.

At 10 o'clock, the moon position at south-south-west. Maybe the Eastern Europe and Indian ocean is open.

I was scheduled FR5DN at 0400z on 70cm band. I wait him on the band.

FR5DN(Philippe) logged in logger before 0400z. I contacted him that are you ready? if Ok I call you 1st on 070 at 0400z. Then our QSO start.

Today good condition, so I was surprised at his signal. It is -18db and I can hear his signal.

After finish this QSO. OH6UW call to me. Yesterday we tried QSO. But one way path and not yet QSO. About few days also. His signal decode me, but he can not decode my signal.

However, this time we possible QSO. Start time, also one way path. I can decode.
but he said, signal had come, but no decode.

Finally, we success QSO.

EME QSO is very fun. As same as HF low band. It's difficult for QSO, but there is feeling of achievement.

QSO for KL6M on 70cm EME CW

Hi all

After a long time no write this blog. A high-power check was completed last month.

I can used Hi-power in this month. I can QSO for EMEer in the world. I can QSO on 70cm EME total 19 QSOs. Not yet QSO for AS and SA.

This morning here, I made schedule for KL6M at 2000z. I can call to KL6M on 432.020MHz. I called 1st and It's used by sequence of one minute interval.

I can QSO for KL6M. His signal was good about 559. EME CW like a HF low band CW operation. Because each signal had deep QSB.

Very exciting operation.

After that, I tried JT65B QSO for WA2FGK. His signal came good about -17dB. However, we can not QSO in this time.

We will try next time.

Beaming to moon.

Mar 29, 2017

2nd QSO on 70cm EME

Hi all

It succeeded in QSO in the 2nd station of EME last weekend.

I made a schedule with DK3WG and challenged QSO in EME to challenge QSO by the new antenna given this month.

my setup is IC-911 50W with 20ele x 4 x 2