Mar 29, 2017

2nd QSO on 70cm EME

Hi all

It succeeded in QSO in the 2nd station of EME last weekend.

I made a schedule with DK3WG and challenged QSO in EME to challenge QSO by the new antenna given this month.

my setup is IC-911 50W with 20ele x 4 x 2

Mar 4, 2017

Antenna construction closeout

Antenna construction has been completed finally.
This antenna is the conventional double size.

It'll be used for a while by this antenna first.

The change application by which present is 500W, getting ready. It plans to power up in 500W by summer.

Jan 3, 2017

My antenna system now

Hi all

This photo is my antenna system now. I mainly operate on 30m and 432MHz. On 6m is sometimes on the air last year.

However in this month. I will planning build a new antenna system. The 1st, 6m antenna remove after that 432MHz antenna will upgrade.

Therefor I will finish build my new antenna system then I will upload new antenna system photo.

see you

Jan 1, 2017

HNY 2017

Hi all

Happy New Year 2017 

I'll still try to EME for low power in this year.

I wish to hope and peace in the world.