Sunday, November 19, 2017

Antenna repair from morning

Hi all

At the beginning of this month, sudden gusts and thunderstorms caused us to lower the tower too far before the elevation came back enough, the antenna interfered with a part of the tower and it got damaged.

In one of the two places the cross mount only shifted, but because it is on the roof, it was not so easy to go to repair so it was left as it was. Feeling that elevation was attached from the beginning only a little.

Actually, I do not know the damage unless I check the spot, but it looks like there is no feeling from a distance. Since I am concerned about the next tower maintenance here, I am planning to exchange every antenna.

It seems to be OK for the time being.

And another one was badly damaged. I was carrying out exchange work from this morning, but it is now completed. We had assembled the antenna in advance, so we only had to change.

Originally, it was confirmed that the radiator and the reflector part bite into the stage and bent. I was wondering if it should be exchanged here only, but on the contrary it was a big deal and I was trying to change the whole thing was a correct answer.

I understood that it was going up and checking, but since I further lowered the tower while digging into the stage, there was a crack in the boom itself and it broke into two in exchange work.

It was surprisingly brittle. So, one more place is dangerous so I decided to exchange it as a whole.

It's been a while since I climbed the tower for a while, but it's cold and it does not cost it. Although work itself is not a big deal, it seems that it is cold and the hand seems to drop the awkward nut and it was very hard to work.

I thought after a while that it was better if the day went up.


Saturday, November 18, 2017

QSL Arrived UT6UG

Hi all

New QSL arrived here. That is UT6UG. He is active on 70cm.