Saturday, October 21, 2017

JT65 operation in HF after a long time

Hi all

It is a rainy weather as the typhoon is approaching today.
In the 70 cm band EME, EU stations does not come out so we decided not to operate.

Instead he did the operation of JT65A with HF after a long time. It operated 20 meters.

Since HF's antenna is GP, it can not be sent too far. Balance between ears and feeding seems not to be very good, only QSO can be done in the near field.

Still, when we operated using the available time, we were able to QSO 12 stations. Basically it is near, there is almost no EU.

Sometimes it's good to QSO with HF leisurely.


Friday, October 20, 2017

70cm DXCC holder

Hi all

I got a cold since it got cold sharply this week. It was a week when sneezing and cough did not stop.

By the way, I heard that there are a lot of DXCC holders including JA in 2m, but I was wondering what it would be like in 70 cm. I knew that DL9KR has DXCC #1 on the QSL, so I knew how much else is there?

I thought so, I looked it up on the site of ARRL.

How, there are nine people in the world around DXCC holders. The top is 130E of DL7APV, the next is 128E of HB9Q. The 3rd place OK1DFC is 118E, DK3WG is 101E, after 100E is DF3RU, DL9KR, K2UYH, OK1KIR, PA3CSG.

Looking at this, there are a lot of DL stations overwhelmingly. Moreover, are not they all BIG antenna stations?

I wonder if I can not reach 100E unless I use such a large antenna.

It was a fact that I felt that the authorities' way was quite long.