Sep 18, 2017

QRV was made cancellation

HI all

This morning is influence of a typhoon and a gale still keeps blowing.

I aimed at North America this morning, it wasn't possible to increase a tower by this strong wind.

Therefore this morning's QRV was made cancellation.

A regular station was found in Logger, but I can not QSO their, QSO, it was regrettable.

So everyone.  I will QRV on ARRL EME Contest next month.

See you next contest.

Sep 17, 2017

I can QRV today

HI all.

An forcing look was different from a weather forecast and didn't blow until the afternoon.

But it wasn't in good condition and I didn't hear so much. I think that it's better for polarization plane to be vertical today.

I can QSO by 3 stations. That stations include new entities. G and I were NEW.

A typhoon is approaching, so I lower a tower and prepare for strong wind.

Today is the worst weather.

Hi all

Today is the worst weather. Because a typhoon is because I'm approaching.

My place is central Japan. Therefore, A typhoon doesn't hit directly. But strong wind is predicted.

Is it a fifty-fifty probability whether I can participate in a contest today?

The wind is still gentle at present, so when this state continues until the evening, I'd be able to participate in a contest.