Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Good for 30m

Hi all

This morning I was QRV on 30m band. The band condition is different for recent morning. Recently, the band was unstable, therefor the DX signal was not so much heard.

If heard, but not so long time heard.

However, this morning good open on 30m. I start at 2100z. I show a lot of signal in my WSJT-X screen. I was surprised at this morning.

 After a long time, I enjoyed this morning.

Monday, September 22, 2014

New antenna mounted my tower

Hi all

Last weekend, I went back home and I mounted new antenna on my tower. 

Before, I have 30m and 6m antennas. However, the band condition was not so good on 30m. Usually I think, I need a new antenna.

My friend gave used antenna. It is 17m and 12m dual band HB9CV. I was pleased his support.

I mounted that antenna last weekend.

 After that, I can QRV on 17m and 12m. On 12m is different freq JA and other country. Therefore I can QRV on 17m.

 On 17m, it is different on 30m. Easy contact for long distance. I enjoy 17m operation.

So everyone see you on 17m.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Good open on 30m

Hi all

Last weekend, I went back to my home that I was QRV on 30m band. The band condition was different compare of last month.

Last month, usually opened the band at morning time for the Europe and night time for the North America.

However, this time the band opened afternoon for the North America. It local time at the 1500. The band was good and many stations signal show my screen.

 I called CQ after that, I QSO for a  lot of stations. One day about 20 stations.

 Last month, never many stations QSO. It only a few, really a few.

This weekend, I will go back home again. I will try to JT65 on 30m. I will meet you on the band.

See you weekend.

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I went to Ham fair 2014

Hi all

Today start the Ham Fair 2014 in Tokyo Big Site. My friend came there from Kansai area. I joined my friend that we joined Ham Fair 2014.
 I think, This fair came peoples is almost old persons. A little bit came young persons. Maybe now young people is not interested in Ham radio.

Now a lot of interested items has in the world. No need traditional hobbies. If their need communication then they can use the internet chat or SNS. No need ham radio.

This matter's situation. I think sad. Before Ham radio is king of hobby, however, now it differs.

However, I like ham radio communication. so I still can do that.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Good long path for South America

Hi all

Now the big typhoon attack for West Japan. So Very heavy rain and strong wind blowing. However,  Here is only rain now. No wind.

This morning, I checking on 30m condition. The band condition is so so.  FOr the European signal coming. I can show the EI, SM and others. Also West area.

A few South African stations QRV that time. Their are very active stations.

How long I watch the band? About 30min.

The long path signal coming good from South America. LU5VV and PY3SS that two stations signal coming and stable here.

I call to their. But return to my call only PY3SS.

This morning, I QSO for a few stations from EU and SA. I enjoy short time in this morning.

Friday, August 8, 2014

eQSL Collection M0ICR

Hi all

Many thanks QSO

Start for summer holiday

Hi all

Last night, I went back to my home from the business bachelor place. Start for summer holiday today until 17th. But I have argent work. Not yet finish yesterday. However, I will have to go work at 17th.

I hear the 30m band in this morning here. The SSN value is 119. Not so hight value, but the band is very very quiet.

I called CQ about 30min, but no return and not hear other stations CQ.

The band condition is no good, isn't it? I almost no hear the band.  Therefore I don't know recent band condition.

Who please tell me recent band condition.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Unstable on 30m

Hi all

This morning, I tried QRV on 30m band. I found a few station at start time. I understand, already open for the Europe from here.

I called YO station. It return to me quickly. I think, the band is good today. Therefore, I called CQ.

Actually no return to my CQ. The band condition was unstable, so sometimes good signal came. If signal to down by QSB. The signal go outside decode level.

I still calling CQ. However, no return and no QSO.

Bad luck. I wish to contact for next time.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

After a long time

Hi all

Yesterday I went back to my home. Therefore, I QRV JT65 mode in this morning after a long time.

The band condition is good, so I surprised at very good signal from Italy. It signal as same as domestic signal. It about -4dB.

 The SSN value is 160 in this morning, but good for 30m band. I QSO for a few stations. But I enjoyed QSO. Because I usually cannot QRV. So If can QRV, it's good and pleased.

I stay here until next monday, so I will much QRV on this weekend.

If you will see my call, please call me. Thanks.

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eQSL Collection AD5DB

Hi all

Many thanks QSO


Hi all

This morning also I watch the JT65 mode.  Just now I found the strong stations sigmal. but before decode. Therefore, who is on the air now? I don't know.

I waiting the decode time.  Oh.... Strong signal station is A41OO. He is very active station.  So I sometimes show his call on the band recently.

I called him. Quick return. I got him that he is first QSO station in this morning. I understand. The solar activity is not so good. The low band condition go up now.

Here is after sunrise, I calling still CQ.

Sometimes return to my call from Europe. This morning, EA, UR and DL got QSO.

However, most strongest signal was A41OO. I surprised his signal strings.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

30m in this morning

Hi all

I was QRV on 30m again in this morning. This morning SSN was 26. That value was improved yesterday value.

Therefore, The band had a lot of stations in this morning here. I called CQ then quick return from Europe.

However, the good condition is not keep long time. It keep about less than 1 hour. So I cannot much QSO in this morning.

Today I was contacted HL, LZ, UR, PA, YL total 5 entities. However, I was enjoyed this morning too.

Many thanks for QSO stations. See you soon on the band.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

After a long time QRV on 30m

Hi all

Yesterday I went back to my home. After a long time. First of this month, I live in another place by business. So after a long time QRV on JT65 mode.

However, the solar activity is down. The SSN value is zero in this morning. Really, I was surprised at this situation.

I was called CQ on JT65 many times. But return was a few.

How about on air ? About 1.5 hours, I was QSO total 6 stations. 5 Europe staions and 1 South America.

However, I was enjoyed that time. I was really fun JT65 mode. I like that.

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eQSL Collection 7L3EBJ

Hi all

Many thanks QSO


Hi all

How are you? Are you trying JT65 mode?
First this month, I QSY to another place by business. New place cannot operating ham radio. Already path to 2weeks.

Maybe 1time par 1month, I go back home then I will be able to operate for JT65 mode.

Therefore, I issue to my blog about my eQSL collections everyday.  Usually I don't hear ham radio signal. So I don't get newest ham radio information. I am glad to send me your message.

Thanks all

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eQSL Collection VK6XT

Hi all

Many thanks QSO for all. He is very active station on JT65 mode.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Quick responce

Hi all

I QSO of V51B yesterday. He send to QSL via LoTW. It was very first action.

I am very happy.