Monday, March 31, 2014

Challenge to WAS on JT65

Hi all

Here was bad weather that it was very heavy wind blowed. It blowed nearly 20m/hour. As same as typhoon.
Already 24hours blowing now. When it will be stop, I don't know. Maybe the god  knows.
However my antenna direction beaming to East. And it can low power operation.
Therefore I was on the air on 20 and 15m  by JT65 mode yesterday.
I looking for US station. Because I challenge to WAS on JT65 mode. Now not yet complete all states. This challenge is pleased. 
Now I got 40 states, after need 10 states. That is DE, KY, ME, MD, MI, NJ, ND, RI, WV, and WY
So usually checking JT alert. Sometimes I found but not arrive my signal.
That states people will see my call in your screen, please call me and service for new state.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Evil signal 2

Hi all

 This is evil signal. About 1000Khz, very big width signal detect. This one is -1dB strong signal. maybe sending person don't know his signal level.

 He think,  no problem sending signal wave form. Actually very dirty signal.

Evil signal

Hi all

Recently I was on air on 15m almost everyday at 1100z to 1200z.
It was very good propagation on the band. The Europe to JA path was good. Many stations QRV on JT65 mode.

Some freq had happen the tragic jam.

In this situation. Sometimes I found evil signal. That was very strong and occupied some freq width.

Almost -1dB signal level. If this signal received then the AGC function of transceiver operations. Then blocking weak signal, I cannot decode weak signal.

Really it was evil signal.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Todays QSO on 15m

Hi all

I was QSO today as follows. I started QSO at 1100z. That time was good propagation for the Europe. However,  after one hour the band condition to down. So I called CQ many times. But no return from DX.


total 4 QSO

Monday, March 24, 2014

Todays QSO

I go back home. After I operated JT65 mode on 15m. Todays QSO as follows.


Total 4 QSO

Other a few stations called me. After that I send signal report. but called station can not answer. Why no answer?  Propagation problem or other matter, I don't understand.

Today start

Hi all

I like digital mode. So usually operate the RTTY, PSK31 and JT65 mode. Recently If I have free time then I on air the JT65 mode.

JT65 mode is very fun. It no need high power and big antenna system. It need less than 10w with DP or GP antennas.

Therefore I start the new blog about DX by JT65 mode. I got the feel or different point of other mode or more I write.

I on air 20m or 15m almost everyday. If you will look my call in your screen. Please call me.

I will wait your call.