Mar 31, 2014

Challenge to WAS on JT65

Hi all

Here was bad weather that it was very heavy wind blowed. It blowed nearly 20m/hour. As same as typhoon.
Already 24hours blowing now. When it will be stop, I don't know. Maybe the god  knows.
However my antenna direction beaming to East. And it can low power operation.
Therefore I was on the air on 20 and 15m  by JT65 mode yesterday.
I looking for US station. Because I challenge to WAS on JT65 mode. Now not yet complete all states. This challenge is pleased. 
Now I got 40 states, after need 10 states. That is DE, KY, ME, MD, MI, NJ, ND, RI, WV, and WY
So usually checking JT alert. Sometimes I found but not arrive my signal.
That states people will see my call in your screen, please call me and service for new state.