Monday, April 14, 2014

Bad signal.

Tonight I QRV on 15m JT65 mode and I met a problem signal.
This picture is my QSO situation.  Red and green bar of left side. This is my QSO with RN9AX. His signal was strong. Signal level was -4dB. Very strong I think so.

But right side. You show the fat rad bar. If you operate the JT65 them you understand that it is dirty signal.  I say evil signal.

This evil signal stay near my QSO freq. So my transceiver AGC start and the IF gain reduce in it. Therefore I can not decode my QSO signal. I must AGC off and decode QSO signal.
I think , it is not regal situation.  If JT65 mode operate for everybody, we must check the ALC level and out put power.
This is minimum rule for JT65 operation.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Good condition

Hi all

Solar activity was still not so good. A-Index and K-Index values were very high. So normally DX signal came here with QSB or not strong.

However, today was different. DX signal was very strong from Europe. My transceiver displayed a lot of DX signal as follows.

Many CW stations entry for JIDX CW contest, so lower freq show the many station. Also JT65 mode. Many European stations signal came here.

HG9SM can use the GP antenna with 1W operation. However, my WSJTX displayed -11 dB received level. That was true. Only 1W with GP, but very strong signal level.

Very very good condition. I enjoyed that time for JT65 QSO.

JT65 no need high power, I think high power and ALC overload were evil operation.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Do you ok your PC clock

Hi all

I operating JT65 mode that I think sometimes about PC clock control.

Yesterday also, I found the different time station. If the PC clock was delay or fast then JT65 flow was not synchronize of RX and TX. 

Of cause that is no decode. This time control is most important item for JT65 operation.

However, it is afraid that the some person don't understand this matter.

Please check your PC clock. Is time correct?  If your PC clock time is not true, please connect internet time server and synchronize your PC clock. 
Don't forget, this is important of JT65 operation.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Good for 20m yesterday night

Hi all
Yesterday I wen to Tokyo by business trip. So I went a home at late time. Usually I went a home at 2100, but yesterday at 2330 local time.

I went a home after that I started watch the 15m band. However, the band was closeting for Europe.
A few stations signal found. But there were unstable signal. That was not complete decode for each signal.
I change the band for 20m. That was very good open for the Europe. That different situation for 15m.
I tried on the air by JT65 mode.  I send CQ then the European station called me.
That good, I continued many QSO.  

About 1 hour, I 7QSO as follows.

Thanks all

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

One way path

Hi all

Last night I tried JT65 mode on 15m band.  I was started at 2100 local time as same as 1200z. 
Many European stations call sign displayed on my wsjtx. I think last night also good condition.
I called a few stations. However there were still called CQ.  Why? There were good signal came here, their signal average was -7 to -15dB

I think there were enough signal level. But no return. How about my signal level over there.
I checked HamSpots home page. My signal around -15dB plus minus show in that page.

I think, some European place was one way path. Good signal came here but only came.
Actually I was contacted a few stations for other place in Europe.
It is funny situation. I will try in this night.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Yesterday on 15m band

Hi all

The solar activity was came down. Yesterday morning time, SSN was 157 and SFI was 145, but night time SSN was 130 and SFI was 141.
Very easy down for SSN values. Therefore, high band condition is unstable.
Yesterday I went a home. After that QRV on 15m. Some EU stations signal decode for my wsjtx. I called UY2IC. His signal was stable that it about -10dB. I think easy contact for him. I just a call.
However, how many called him. I don't know. But no return to me.  Bad luck.
Finally about less than 1hour,  I contacted a few European stations.

Thanks all

Monday, April 7, 2014

Oh no! Really unstable condition

Hi all

Last weekend also very strong wind blowed. About 15m/H or more. I cannot clank up my tower. Very low hight antenna position used. As same as roof top of my house.
However, I tried JT65 mode on Sunday morning. Because I wish QSO for US and looking for East coast.
But condition was also unstable as same weather. I didn't got a new one.
As same day evening.  Operating for the Europe. Bad luck, the DX signal was not much. I many times called CQ. But almost no contact. 
Maybe K-Index value was high value. So high band condition was still unstable. Sometimes very strong, but next receive time was dropped condition. A few times I decode signal but next time cannot decode. 
So I stopped DX hunt on high band early night.  When the stable condition will come?  I wish to QSO for US east corst.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Good condition on 20m this morning

Hi all

This morning very good propagation on 20m band. I watch the band that a lot of stations displayed my wsjtx screen.
That time I found CT3 station and called that a few times.

I see the CT3 for first time on JT65 mode. I wish to contact that. However,  not return for me. Bad luck.
Actually I contacted some station in this morning. The today's best 1 was 9H1 station in this morning. 
In the evening time, I will try on 15m today. I wish to many contact for the Europe.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

QRV on 15m

Hi all 

Yesterday I went home at 2000 local time. After eat the dinner. I started watch the JT65 mode on 15m band.
The 15m band condition was very good. The heavy and strong wind was stopped last night. So I clank up the my tower and antenna direction beaming to Europe.
Am lot of signal displayed in wsjtx screen. The band was opened for deep side the Europe. I found a few G stations.
There signal was -23dB, but print was no problem. Therefore, I called there soon.
But each stations can not return to me. Almost return to same European side.
I just 30 minutes operated on JT65 mode. I contacted to some stations for the Europe. Maybe more operate will get more station. But I had something to do. So after that, I QRT.
Before watch the 15m, I also watch the 20m a looking for US station. However never found that.