Apr 14, 2014

Bad signal.

Tonight I QRV on 15m JT65 mode and I met a problem signal.
This picture is my QSO situation.  Red and green bar of left side. This is my QSO with RN9AX. His signal was strong. Signal level was -4dB. Very strong I think so.

But right side. You show the fat rad bar. If you operate the JT65 them you understand that it is dirty signal.  I say evil signal.

This evil signal stay near my QSO freq. So my transceiver AGC start and the IF gain reduce in it. Therefore I can not decode my QSO signal. I must AGC off and decode QSO signal.
I think , it is not regal situation.  If JT65 mode operate for everybody, we must check the ALC level and out put power.
This is minimum rule for JT65 operation.