Apr 13, 2014

Good condition

Hi all

Solar activity was still not so good. A-Index and K-Index values were very high. So normally DX signal came here with QSB or not strong.

However, today was different. DX signal was very strong from Europe. My transceiver displayed a lot of DX signal as follows.

Many CW stations entry for JIDX CW contest, so lower freq show the many station. Also JT65 mode. Many European stations signal came here.

HG9SM can use the GP antenna with 1W operation. However, my WSJTX displayed -11 dB received level. That was true. Only 1W with GP, but very strong signal level.

Very very good condition. I enjoyed that time for JT65 QSO.

JT65 no need high power, I think high power and ALC overload were evil operation.