Apr 7, 2014

Oh no! Really unstable condition

Hi all

Last weekend also very strong wind blowed. About 15m/H or more. I cannot clank up my tower. Very low hight antenna position used. As same as roof top of my house.
However, I tried JT65 mode on Sunday morning. Because I wish QSO for US and looking for East coast.
But condition was also unstable as same weather. I didn't got a new one.
As same day evening.  Operating for the Europe. Bad luck, the DX signal was not much. I many times called CQ. But almost no contact. 
Maybe K-Index value was high value. So high band condition was still unstable. Sometimes very strong, but next receive time was dropped condition. A few times I decode signal but next time cannot decode. 
So I stopped DX hunt on high band early night.  When the stable condition will come?  I wish to QSO for US east corst.