Apr 9, 2014

One way path

Hi all

Last night I tried JT65 mode on 15m band.  I was started at 2100 local time as same as 1200z. 
Many European stations call sign displayed on my wsjtx. I think last night also good condition.
I called a few stations. However there were still called CQ.  Why? There were good signal came here, their signal average was -7 to -15dB

I think there were enough signal level. But no return. How about my signal level over there.
I checked HamSpots home page. My signal around -15dB plus minus show in that page.

I think, some European place was one way path. Good signal came here but only came.
Actually I was contacted a few stations for other place in Europe.
It is funny situation. I will try in this night.