Saturday, May 31, 2014

Arrived eQSL RA2FIA

Hi all

I received eQSL from Kaliningrad. This is my first UA2 on JT65 mode.

Friday, May 30, 2014

After a long time

Hi all

Last night, after a long time I was QRV on 15m band. The 15m band condition was very good. The SSN value was not so high, nearly 100.

However, It was very good path for the Europe. Therefore I show the a lot of station in WSJT-X.

Many European stations signal was strong and stable. I called a few stations.
It easy QSO last night. I think to Germany path was very good and it can show the many DL station.

Really after a long time good condition on 15m band.
But maybe it cannot keep good condition, I think so.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Unstable condition

Hi all

Last night, I went back a home, after that I was watched on 15m. 
The band had long cycle QSB. If now good signal came and easy decode, after a few minutes, signal was dropped and difficult decode.
It is same station of status. 
Another one, I called very strong signal station. Here decode level was -8 to -10dB station. However, all station no return. Still called CQ. 
This happen was not only one. To much. I called strong signal station, negative. Again another station, same negative return. How many no return? Don't know.
I loss the time about half hour or more.
I operated about one half hour. I can QSO only 4 stations. It's only 4 stations. 
I heard a lot stations, but actually QSO only 4. The band was unstable.
When the stable condition will come?

Friday, May 23, 2014


Hi all
Last night here on 15m band. The band had exploded on 15m. As not same 2days ago.
Many stations signal indicated WSJT-X waterfall screen. I was very surprised at that situation.
Really very strong and almost stations waterfall was clearly indicate.

My computer CPU is C2D, therefore Throughput is insufficient and a display is impossible within 1 sequence.
So many station had come out on the band.
I think it was special day at last night.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

One way path

Hi all
After long time good open on 15m last night. So many stations call indicated on my WSJT-x screen.
I think, I can many QSO, I think so.
However, not enough. Actually I called many stations, but almost no return.
Good signal came here, why no return?
I understand. The condition is good but it is only one way path. So signal came and no problem. Sending signal is not arrive that it I'd problem. 

This is one way path. I will have to wait the band condition improve.
Finally I QRV about 1 half hour. It only 3QSO.  Bad luck.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Condition go down?

Hi all

I feel that dose the condition go down now?

Because, last night on 15m also. Not so much stations QRV on the band. Usually many stations QRV on the band, so one sequence indicated 10 or more stations.
However, last night indicated less than 10  stations. That was about 5 or less average stations.
And I called some stations. But return to information that was no decode. Oh no!
Actually I was contacted only 4 stations last night.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Arrived eQSL LI5TFA

I introduce received eQSL.

LA entity is not so active. On all mode as same. If it is compare SM or OH, maybe LA activity is low for other entity.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Good propagation

Hi all
This morning also very good propagation on high band.
The first, I QRV on 20m. It was good path for the Europe. It was open the area that it was mainly a East Europe. 

I contacted EU-Russia and OK, SP and others. After that, here was after sunrise.

On 15m also open the Europe. However, my antenna direction beaming to North America. But good for signal came.
I think, this path as same as long path for the Europe. Therefore signal was stable ans so so strong.
I was QSO for EI3HXB that it record level was -23dB. I was surprised at the weakness of the signal, but I can decode. It is JT65 mode performance, I think so.
This morning QSO as follows

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Different condition

Hi all

Now I heard on 15m band. Today the band condition is not same as usual.
What is different? 
Usually before noon on 15m, it open the North America and South America. Of cause the Pacifice area also.
But not open for the Europe.
However, today open for the Europe at early morning. At the 9 o'clock local time. On 15m now open the North America. So I show a few stations in my screen. But in that stations include Europe station. That was EA and ON. 
Really, it is true. Now at 11 o'clock local time. I QSO of RA3ZR. That is Eropean Russia station.
As usual I can not hear that, but today can hear. 
Today different condition on 15m.  What's happen?

I don't know. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Arrived eQSL VU2TE

Hi all

The strong wind  blew yesterday. So I was not QRV. I received new eQSL.
Thanks QSO.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Do you know good time?

Hi all

In this week, everyday checked good path time between JA to Europe.
Most fistist time at 0500Z. I can heard the  Eastan Europe. However that time at 1400 local time. On weekday that time in the office when I cannot QRV.

Sorry this matter that it is on 15m band. Other bands don't know. I'm not interested in other band now.
Now I'm interested in the time that it's at 1200z to 1330z. That time very good open for UK. Everyday that time can show a lot of UK stations in my screen. 
G, 2E, MA, GM and EI a lot of PFX can show in the screen.
And I QSO a few stations in everyday. So I like that time and I pleased at that time everyday.
Please call me, if you show my call in your screen.



Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Arrived eQSL YL2QV

Hi all

I got the new eQSL. Many station send to eQSL very quickly. I appreciate your action.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Arrived eQSL IS0MAM

Hi all

Received new eQSL. Thanks QSO and see you again soon my friend.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Arrived QSL

Hi all

Today arrived paper QSL card.  In this month I was QSO for him on JT65 mode on 15m.

Thanks QSO and QSL.

QRMM on 15m

Hi all
Yesterday also very big open between JA to Europe.  I can QSO yesterday too.
However, the band was big open therefore many station QRV on the band. So sometimes QRM happened.
That mean, I found -10dB signal and called. Normally very easy return to my call then start QSO. 
But if many QRM has, I called and maybe. There show my signal but no decode. Therefore there no return. I think there negative copy my signal then I change call for another station.
After that, before call station can decode and return to my call. However I call another station and start new QSO.
Actually 2 stations call to me show in the screen. But I can QSO for only 1 station.
This problem happen of a few time in yesterday.  Condition was so good.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Many stations on the air

Hi all
The 15m condition was imporoved last night. The SFI value over the 150. So big signal coming here from the Europe.
All callsignds displayed on my wsjtx that I was called all. Actually not all stations return to my call. Some station can not decode my signal.
However, about 1hour or more. I enjoyed JT65 QSO on 15m. Totally I was 18 QSOs last night on 15m.  Thanks QSO for all.

I think still keep good condition on 15m when I will try tonight.
If you show my call in your screen. Please call me and QSO for me. 

I will waiting your call on JT65 mode. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014


 I received eQSL.

Thanks your quick sending eQSL

Friday, May 9, 2014

Rcvd eQSL

I received eQSL card.

Tnx QSO.

Good signal from Africa

Hi all
Last night also good condition on 15m band. Many stations QRV when I looking for new station.
After 1300z between JA to Indian Occitan was opened. After that until East Africa also opened.
I found 3B8/M0RCX and ZS1RL. I called their.
However, bad luck cannot return to me. Return to many EU stations. 
ZS was before QSO, but 3B8 was new one. Therefore, I will try tonight again if he will on air on the band.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Still good, I enjoy

Hi all
At the around 1100z to 1300z. On 15m propagation was still good. So everyday a lot of stations QRV on 15m.
Yesterday also. I QRV less than 2hours. My JT-Alart show many call sign by each sequence. But many show the call sign add the B4 mark. 
I think, the active station can QRV everyday. So show the call sign as same.
I check the JT-Alart. That is sometimes show green mark. It is new station. No QSO until now.
I just call to new station. Last night here, the DL land to JA path was nice open. I found the many new DL stations.
I called their and QSO complete. Finaly I was total 11QSO last night. Include many new DL stations. Recently I Was over 10QSO everyday on JT65 mode.
I think, JT65 mode is popular mode now in the world.
I will wait your QRV.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Here night time was good on 15m

Hi all
In day time on 15m was not so good. It show JA and ASIAN stations in my WSJTX screen.
However, after sunset the band condition was improved. Many EU stations signal came here. 
On one sequence, many EU stations call displayed screen. As same as the day before yesterday.
I started CQ on JT65 mode. After that, EU stations continue call to me. I QSO about 20 stations or more.
On 15m still keep good condition after sunset until midnight.
So everyone, if you show my call. Please call me.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bad PC clock

Hi all

Today I was QRV on 20m. And happened no decode problem. It as follows picture.

That yellow circle was problem point. This signal started before next sequence. 
Therefore my decode sequence is not synchronize calling signal. So finish the time sequence but no decode.
Yesterday also, a few stations as same as problem had. The PC clock is most important matter of JT65 mode.
If JT65 mode operat start then before checking PC clock as normal.
However, some person don't understand the importance of PC clock.
If no adjust PC clock that never contact for nobody.

Big different

Hi all
I tried JT65 mode today. I am very surprise at today situation. Big different for yesterday condition.
Today SSN value is 131, SFI is 139. There are not so bad value. I think better value for DX hunting.
However, I still hear the high band. But not open North America and South America.
Almost not decode US stations. Only a few stations. Yesterday I was contacted a lot of stations, but today not so many.
What is different today condition?
Not so fun today.

Big open

Hi all
Last night here, on 15m condition was very good and big open.
It was my first time situation on the band. So many DX station decode my WSJT-X that JT-Alart show total 16 stations by one time.
Normally if the band condition was good, but JT-Alart show max 8 or 9 stations.
However, last night show 16 stations.
Therefore I was continue QSO about 2hour more.
Finaly I was contacted total 30 stations on JT65 mode by 1 day. One day 30 QSO, it is my first experience.
I was enjoyed last night.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Many contact

Hi all

Yesterday, the high band condition was very good. I was contacted many stations on 20m and 15m.

The next picture was QSO of yesterday on 20m.

And on 15m, here was very long time opend for the Europe. Here local time at 2300. Still good open and many strong signal came to here.

Therefore I was many stations contacted on JT65 mode. I was enjoy and pleased last night.

Many station was quickly up to QSO log for , I also almost everyday upload log to LoTW and

Today also I will on the air on JT65 mode. If my call show in your screen, please call me. I will wait your call and meet you.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Good condition

Hi all

The good propagation is back. Last night, on 15m was good open. The band had a lot of stations.
I found the V5 station that it was my first V5 station on JT65 mode.
So I try to call him. But no contact. Maybe a lot of stations called him. So no chance. However, I can hear maybe I will be able to contact to him near fufter.
This morning also good propagation on 20m before 630 local time. Many stations QRV on the band. I called CQ, return to me a lot of DL station called.
I QSO for a few DL stations. However, after 700 local time. The 20m band was closed. And next open for North America on 15m.
Just now, I try QSO on 15m.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

I checked DXCC

Hi all
I checked JT65 mode operation status. Now I was contacted to 1,400 QSO only JT65 mode.
And DXCC status is 80E for JT65 mode only. This status as same as PSK31 mode. PSK31 mode total QSO was over 5,000 QSO. But DXCC entities as same.
I think, JT65 mode is major mode in ham radio now.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Not so good

Hi all
Recently, the 15m band condition was not so good. My wsjtx show a lot of stations call sign. 
So many station decode of my wsjtx. 
However, I called everyone, but no answer that they still called CQ.
Why? Why? Why?
Maybe the band was open that it was only now way path. So EU to EU communication was no problem. But EU to Asia was no good.
This phenomenon is so remarkable that power is low. It is OK when power is raised for a while.
I try to QRP for less than 5W. Difficult recent condition.

I wish to improve the high and condition.
When that time will come?