May 17, 2014

Different condition

Hi all

Now I heard on 15m band. Today the band condition is not same as usual.
What is different? 
Usually before noon on 15m, it open the North America and South America. Of cause the Pacifice area also.
But not open for the Europe.
However, today open for the Europe at early morning. At the 9 o'clock local time. On 15m now open the North America. So I show a few stations in my screen. But in that stations include Europe station. That was EA and ON. 
Really, it is true. Now at 11 o'clock local time. I QSO of RA3ZR. That is Eropean Russia station.
As usual I can not hear that, but today can hear. 
Today different condition on 15m.  What's happen?

I don't know.