May 15, 2014

Do you know good time?

Hi all

In this week, everyday checked good path time between JA to Europe.
Most fistist time at 0500Z. I can heard the  Eastan Europe. However that time at 1400 local time. On weekday that time in the office when I cannot QRV.

Sorry this matter that it is on 15m band. Other bands don't know. I'm not interested in other band now.
Now I'm interested in the time that it's at 1200z to 1330z. That time very good open for UK. Everyday that time can show a lot of UK stations in my screen. 
G, 2E, MA, GM and EI a lot of PFX can show in the screen.
And I QSO a few stations in everyday. So I like that time and I pleased at that time everyday.
Please call me, if you show my call in your screen.