May 4, 2014

Good condition

Hi all

The good propagation is back. Last night, on 15m was good open. The band had a lot of stations.
I found the V5 station that it was my first V5 station on JT65 mode.
So I try to call him. But no contact. Maybe a lot of stations called him. So no chance. However, I can hear maybe I will be able to contact to him near fufter.
This morning also good propagation on 20m before 630 local time. Many stations QRV on the band. I called CQ, return to me a lot of DL station called.
I QSO for a few DL stations. However, after 700 local time. The 20m band was closed. And next open for North America on 15m.
Just now, I try QSO on 15m.