May 8, 2014

Still good, I enjoy

Hi all
At the around 1100z to 1300z. On 15m propagation was still good. So everyday a lot of stations QRV on 15m.
Yesterday also. I QRV less than 2hours. My JT-Alart show many call sign by each sequence. But many show the call sign add the B4 mark. 
I think, the active station can QRV everyday. So show the call sign as same.
I check the JT-Alart. That is sometimes show green mark. It is new station. No QSO until now.
I just call to new station. Last night here, the DL land to JA path was nice open. I found the many new DL stations.
I called their and QSO complete. Finaly I was total 11QSO last night. Include many new DL stations. Recently I Was over 10QSO everyday on JT65 mode.
I think, JT65 mode is popular mode now in the world.
I will wait your QRV.