May 28, 2014

Unstable condition

Hi all

Last night, I went back a home, after that I was watched on 15m. 
The band had long cycle QSB. If now good signal came and easy decode, after a few minutes, signal was dropped and difficult decode.
It is same station of status. 
Another one, I called very strong signal station. Here decode level was -8 to -10dB station. However, all station no return. Still called CQ. 
This happen was not only one. To much. I called strong signal station, negative. Again another station, same negative return. How many no return? Don't know.
I loss the time about half hour or more.
I operated about one half hour. I can QSO only 4 stations. It's only 4 stations. 
I heard a lot stations, but actually QSO only 4. The band was unstable.
When the stable condition will come?