Jun 16, 2014

30m situation

Hi all

The antenna of the high band was removed in the beginning this month next month for transfer. Therefore, the antenna of HF held now is only a 30m band.
Recently I heard JT65 mode only 30m. The 30m is low activity compare high band. 

There is no condition well. However, I always QRV someone every day. This morning here also, R5 station only QRV this morning here. He called CQ many times. I called him and QSO.

After that, many Europe station calling CQ.  I think, almost station can check for the band condition. If who start QSO then where place open now? 
Actually the band condition is not so good. But I got 5 new stations on JT65 mode.  I think it is great!

On CW mode, almost not hear DX station on the band. But JT65 is different. It is always QRV some. JT65 It is proof that the mode became major.