Jun 11, 2014

It is as good as except

Hi all

This morning, I was watched on 30m band. The solar activity is very high level.

The SSN and SFI was over 150. So the band is very noisy. Therefor I cannot found DX station on CW mode.
However, JT65 was different. I found a few DX stations on JT65 mode band.
There are European stations. I, UR, YO stations. Especially I station was very active. I found also JT9 mode.
CW band was quiet, but JT65 band was not as same.
All stations coming -10 to -18dB signal. I called CQ one time. Then OZ station return to me that it was -20dB signal.
Between Europe and Japan, the path certainly exists. However, unless the station which QRV is the band, everyone don't know now open or not.