Wednesday, July 2, 2014

First contact for V5

Hi all
How are you? I watch the JT65 mode on 30m band everyday. The solar activity going up again. This morning the SSN value is 124, last week less than 100. Nearly 50. It is big improve now.
Therefore the band is quiet, almost nothing DX signal. But I still watching this morning.

At the near 2000z. The band was opened very slowly. I look the Italy station. He QSO for DL station. But I didn't displayed DL call sign.
So not enough open.

After 10 minutes, suddenly V51B was called CQ. I was very surprised at his CQ. I heard his signal on high band, but usually pileup for his signal.
Now almost people were not QRV on the band. I can get a good chance, I think.
I called him. Waiting 48 second. Oh--- my call print .

I am very happy. V5 is my first contact on JT65 mode. 

The god present for me of new one.