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30m band open status

Hi all

This morning heard at 2030z to 2130z on 30m band. I found the signal peak and bottom times.

At the before 2030z, the European signals came here and good signal levels. However, I called European stations that there was no returned to my call. I tried a few stations that it was almost same situation.

But after 2030z, the band situation was changed. The European stations signal to down however I called CQ then many stations continue. This good situation until 2100z.

Before 2100z, the band condition was dropped and almost DX signal went out on the band. The QRV signal was JA stations only. No decode DX signal that it situation had about 15minute.

After 2115z, the band came back good situation. That time had a lot of DX signal and easy contacted for there.

The good path between Europe to JA.
1900z-2030z so so sometimes oneway path
2030z-2100z can good contact
2100z-2115z without signal
2115z- 2200z can good contact

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Good condition on 30m band

Hi all

I was QRV on 30m in this morning here at 530 local time. As same as 1930Z. Already the 30m band was opened. I heard a lot of stations signals. So JT65 mode also many station QRV, I think.

Yesterday, I was installed WSJT-X new version on my computer. It was version 1.4. I checked which part of different. It was difficult found different points. Setup panel is different before 1.36. 

However, I think almost same that it improvement functions performance.

I still using this version and check performance.

Friday, April 17, 2015

After a long time.

 Hi all

Sorry everyboday, After a along time no post. Last July, I move to another place by bussines. My new living space had not antenna system. Therfore, I will QRV only go back home time.

And new bussines was very busy, 1 week for tew times that I went to business trips. Very tierd. I went back home only one time by one month.

Therefore the blog post was stopped.

However, My work imbrobed busy a little bit have a free time. I will be able to write blog start again. But almost eQSL review or information from the internet.

I am glad that I will be able to see everybody again on the blog.