May 24, 2015

Bad condition on 30m

Hi all

Last weekend, I went back home that I was QRV on 30m JT65 mode. However, that band condition was not so good. At the night time in Japan.

Normally the night time opened for North America from Japan. Therefore, I was CQ for North America on JT65 mode many times.

But no return here. I found few stations from US. That call sign was very active station on JT65 mode. Already QSO their, no call each other.

In morning time also, for the Europe. Some stations signal came here, but not so strong that it had the QSB their signal.

I found new station from European signal. Just I called their, but still call CQ. I understand, the condition was one way path between JA to Europe. Therefore, some JA called that their also no return.

I think, the 30m band conditon to down, the condition will move to high band.