May 5, 2015

Troublesome signal

Hi all

This morning here, I was QRV on the band on 30m . That was very good propagation on the band. A lot of the Europeans signal on the band.

I found the some G land signal. I think, condition is good.

However, also the band had troublesome signal too. That was very duty signal. The signal modulation was deep and wide width. It signal as follows.

It very strong duty signal to here. So my transceiver attacked AGC. Therefor standard signal can not decode. It is cover the strong signal. Really troublesome signal.

This signal had two causes. One is hight power operation without ALC level. Another one is turn on the compression function.

If we will operating JT65 mode then we will have to carefully input signal level. If you will indifferent your out put signal. Everybody said, you must not send your troublesome signal.