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Update to version 1.5

Hi all

Last weekend, I went back my home. After a long time QRV on JT65 mode on 30m band. That time not so good condition that therefor I checked my ham soft collections version.

WSJT-X was updated to version 1.5. I used version 1.36 now. because I tried version 1.4rc2 version. It was not able to used. That time I can received however can not transmit.

I still used version 1.36. It was stable operation and no problem.

But last Sunday, I tried update to v1.5. It was very easy install and finished. restart WSJT-X new version. Oh, no problem TX and RX. As same as version 1.36.

I checked setting function. Add few new function and also font can change.

I like this new version. I can used last evening to this morning. I can got a lot of QSOs from US and EU. I was pleased.

Thanks QSO for everyone. I already upload LoTW and Clublog too.

Friday, July 17, 2015

eQSL collection DF8AA

Hi all

After a long time. Many thanks for nice JT65 mode QSO.