Saturday, December 24, 2016


Hi all

WSJT vs. WSJT-X are argued actively with moon - net recently, aren't they?
That's the argument to which I say which decode performance is excellent.

Actually, I'm improving the performance of the WSJT-X fairly. That started to be decoded until quite feeble signaling. But I think WSJT-X is the performance special quality specialized in practical use of HF.

Unfortunately, I don't understand the truth. I'd like to see a result of everyone's argument.

Monday, December 12, 2016

The plan is postponed.

Hi all

I will order to make a new antenna system for antenna build company.
Today antenna build company called me.  And company said.

Sorry, this month is very very busy. That company has back order from customer. Therefor,  my antenna system can not build in this month.

They said, please postpone to next month. I agree.

My new antenna will start use next month.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

QSL received

Hi all

Last month, I was QSO for HB9Q on 432MHz JT65B mode. I received his QSL card.

I am very glad got his QSL. My first QSO on EME.

Friday, December 9, 2016

New tools

Hi all

I just got the new software. It is Moon Sked. This program made GM4JJJ.

It is very easy understand for moon condition. Also many function has this program.

I think this program can use very easy understand that it can QSO for DX station or not.

I just use start it, so I checking more function in this software.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

What is the best software?

Hi all

I usually used macbook pro by mac OS.  mac OS is based on UNIX OS. So it very stable OS I think so.

However, Ham radio software is a little that it almost based on Windows. Now I looking for log software by mac OS.

Now I move some ham radio software from Windows to mac OS. I know WSJT-X on mac OS. But don't know WSJT.

I ask to moon-ml that who is know WSJT by mac OS. Then it very quickly answer for my from moon-ml.

Therefor, I can operate WSJT and WSJT-X on mac OS.  After I will find the best log software by mac OS.

Who is know that the best of log software for mac OS.  Please tell me.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Prepares complite

Hi all

After a long time. About two weeks, I can not go back home. Therefore I was not operate 432MHz EME.

Last month, I was order to ham shop for my antenna modifications parts. I discuses antenna supplier.

My request modify is not  standard. That is require of custome made parts.

After that, path to two weeks.

Yesterday I got phone from my wife. She said, Antenna parts arrived my home. There are configure of a lot of parts.

Oh, prepares complite. It only build and setup.

Bad luck, I have not enough free time now. When buildup that?

I don't know when I start ?

Saturday, November 19, 2016

1st contact on EME

Hi all

The EMEer is very active in this weekend. Maybe the contest will open on this weekend.

I think,  it is very good chance for QSO by EME in this weekend. I wake up at 0500 local time on Saturday morning. (1900z)

I checked EME logger. Who is on air now. Just I found HB9Q. It is very big station that I will be able to QSO for him.

I checked his on air future. I was very surprised at his signal. It was very strong signal. Really is this signal return from moon?

I called him, but no return. Return to another station. I was wait for finished QSO.
After that I called again.

Bingo, Return to my call. I am happy. This is my first EME QSO.

I looking for other stations. I found other two stations. UT6UG and OK1TIK. I called their. However, each stations no return to my call. 

However, I can look some stations signal on WSJT software. Maybe near future I will be able to contact a lot of stations.

This winter, I make a new plan. It is upgrade for my antenna system. Now used 20 elements Yagi x 2 x 2 Horizontal beam. This antenna will change the 4 x 2.
*80 elements Yagi to 160 elements Yagi

I will pleased this new plan.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Rotor controler

Hi all

I usually used rotor control itself. It can not computer control and no used external control.
Therefore sometimes wrong direction by my antenna direction.

Normally I operate on HF band. So it not critical direction by contact place. About 10 degrees different, it no problem.

However, if EME operation use. It is big problem by this matter. It need correct direction. So I looking for extrenal robot controler.

I looking for that by internet. I just found that. That is ARS-USB. It made EA4TX, as same as Arduino systems.

I am interested in this controler. So just posted Moon net ML.

Who is use?

I will waiting answer for everyone.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Upgrade for my antenna system

Hi all

After a long time. This week I was busy that I had a lot of job.

Lat weekend I was tried EME on 432MHz schedule for VK4EME. However, bad luck situation. I can not decode his signal.

This week, I called ham shop and I was order to new antenna system.

Now my antenna system is 20 elements Yagi x 2 x 2 Horizontal beam. But I think it was not enough.

Therefore It add more one stacking array. Finally my antenna is 20 elements x 4 x 2 Horizontal beam.  Total 160 elements Yagi antenna.

However, I will have enough free time. So maybe this antenna system will doing end of this year.

I will active operate on EME next year. It will my target scope for next year.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

No contact for schedule

Hi all
Yesterday I went back my home. Because I make schedule with VK4EME.

Today I make EME contact schedule at 0300z on 432.075MHz.
However, We can not contact QSO by EME. I can not decode his signal on WSJT9 program.

Allan said. I must use low noise preamp, if no use maybe I can not decode EME signal.

Of course I use the low noise preamp now. But actually I can not decode. Why can not?

I check my system now. I found problem. It is very big problem. That is antenna direction move about 30 deg.


I found the cause. This year, many big typhoon went Japan. Therefore very strong wind blowed that. Maybe antenna direction move that time.

Therefore I can not contact him.

Until end of this year, I have not free time. So this antenna maintenance will be able to end of this year or next early year.

Near future, I will operate JT65A mode on HF band. JT65B mode will next time.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Just started new schedule

Hi all

I posted moon-net ML. Many people advices for me about EME operation with many advice.

I am very glad to advise from everyone. In this weekend, I will go back home. I checked open path for each place. For US,  Pacifica, and Europe.

I just posted open window time from my QTH to ML.

Some people replaying this post quickly.

I make schedule when I will hear and freq.

I will exiting EME project in this weekend.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Next step

Hi all

After a long time. I didn't go home last few weeks. Therefore no QRV.

Now I will planning new project. I usually on air on 30m band JT65A mode.  I understand that it can easy contact on HF band by JT65A mode.

Next try, I will QRV on 70cm band by JT65B mode.  I have 20 ele x 2 x 2 antenna system. I will be able to use this one and I will try to EME by QRP 50W.

I member of moon-net ML. I was posted question for ML. Some member answer for me that scheduling QRV on this weekend.

So I will go home this weekend.

I will report my new try situation.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Good open for Long path

Hi all

This morning the band condition was no good. Almost nothing signal on the band.

However, now good open for long path. Usually open the long path at 0600z here on 30m band.

Today the band was open at 0500z. It good open before one hour usual time.

Therefor, a lot of stations on the air. Two africans stations received many call from Europe. There are TR8CA and XT2AW. The signal is about -12dB each stations.

Few JA stations call to there, but return to Europe stations only. To far the West Africa.

I was contacted to FK and some EU stations by QRP.

Nothing is heard.

Hi all

I watched JT65 on 30m band in this morning here at 5:15 local time.
Usually a lot of stations signal come here from the Europe. Yesterday also a lot of EU stations signals came here that I was contacted to there.

However this morning is different. Nothing! all the signal nothing. Only noise.

What happen?

This condition still continue about 30min or more.

Bad luck in this morning.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

QRV on 30m yesterday

Hi all

Last weekend, I didn't work. Therefore I went back to my home last Saturday midnight.

I was QRV on 30m yesterday. But the band condition was not so good. I herd few stations only on 30m JT65 mode.

I called CQ a long time. However, only three stations return to me.

I was contacted to UA0, UA9 and VK3 stations on QRP.

Maybe I will go home next month, I will try to JT65 mode again.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

eQSL Collection CX9AU

HI all.
I was contacted to QRP operation on 30m band.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Very busy work

Hi all

This month, I had summer vacation at 1week. However, almost no holiday. Actually I worked my job in my house with telephone meeting everyday.

Therefore, I did not operate JT65 mode that time.

Almost 2 month still no operation on JT65 mode and other mode.

I don't know when this busy work stop. Maybe the god knows.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Very low signal level

Hi all

I checked eQSL. I found rear case eQSL as follows.

Please show it that signal report column. Before I heard the JT65 mode specification that it can detect signal at -25dB as normal case.

However, this QSL wrote -28dB. Can it detect signal report true?

I usually used WSJT-X software. that software can showed -26dB sometimes. but can not show -28dB.

Is this true or not? I don't understand this matter.


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Condition was no good?

Hi all

I still can not operate ham radio. But I checked blogs of ham radio station.

Now not so good condition. Sometimes the band was opened. But no longer open the band.

After the cycle 24 peak. The condition is very unstable and SSN is very low.

Therefore now is good chance for prepare to DX season in autumn.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Looking for Liner amp of 430MHz

Hi all

I usually pleased JT65 mode on HF bands. It can used QRP less than 5W.

However, If I will try EME that it is not enough power on normal transceiver. Therefor It need more power by EME.

If I will need power then I must use liner amp.  But about 200 W of anything isn't sold from a manufacturer present. I'd have no choice but to make by myself. If someone knows a good kit, please tell me.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Rainy season in Japan

Hi all.

After a long time. Sorry I was very busy work. Therefor, I was no operate on JT65 mode on HF band.

However, I will make a new project. Before one years ago. I was tried EME on 70cm band by low power.

Already I copied few stations signal from the moon.

I will try again EME project. The next target will QSO by low power. Cooperation of Big station is needed to make that succeed of course.
I just entered preparations of the next step.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Recent situation

Hi all

My main practical use band is 30m. However, this month's 30m isn't in too good condition, it remains in JT65, QSO, can.

I plan to construct an antenna of 40/20/15m band in summer. When doing that, you may be able to use a little more actively.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

eQSL collection TA4SO

Hi all

Recently, I can operated JT65 mode less than 5W. If it can used 10W then it can easy contact for DX. If the power is less than 5W, it is difficult contact. However it is very fun.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Request to everyone

Hi all

After a long time no see everyone.
I'm going to install an antenna in March of this year, and I have been injured. Installation of an antenna results and isn't done yet. Therefore practical use of a high band is also unready. Only 30m can be used yet at present. I'd like to install an antenna by summer of this year.
By the way I go only at LoTW or eQSL about issue of QSL basically. Please request whether you request it in SASE when needing paper QSL, from ClubLog. It isn't issued by a bureau. Please understand.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Hi everyone.

I'm injured from last weekend and am resting. Therefore practical use of JT-65 isn't also done. If it resumes, it'll be reported again.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Good open for South America by long path

Hello everyone.

This morning here at 5:30 o'clock local time that I started watch the 30m band on JT65 mode. However, the band was closed. I called CQ by JT65 mode about 10 minutes.

But no return from the world. Therefor,  Time remained, so I went to have breakfast. I go back shack after 1 hour. A band opened it suddenly.
WSJT-X printed a few call sign from South America. There were three LU stations and one CX station. I called their quickly.  I got a two LU stations. Their are LU8 stations that I did not get one LU9 station.

I also checked CW band. As same as JT65 mode, the two CE stations just came good signal by long path. their were very strong signal. As not same JT65 signal.

After a long time I got QSO on JT65 mode. At few days, I checked the JT65 band, However, I can not get a lot of DX signal on JT65 mode until this morning here.

But this morning I got a lot of DX signal. So it was pleased.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What's happened?

Hi everyone.

I return to home today. I will go to business trip tomorrow. Therefor, I go back home today.

I arrived at home, after that I turn on my transceiver. Just start watch the 30m band. What's happen? nothing,  all of the signal nothing.

I check the space weather report. Today happened geomagnetic storm and Ap-Index value is 24, Kp-Index value is 3. Maybe the band condition is unstable.

I think, the band watch is stop and turn off my transceiver that I go to bed. It is better choice.

I will try again tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I'll QRV on this weekend

Hello everyone.

I will QRV on 30m on this weekend until Sunday night. I will pleased this QRV.

What is 30m condition? Few weeks ago, it was very unstable. One day very good and I heard a lot of stations on the band.

However it condition was not to continue few hours. That signal had a deep and a lot of QSBs.

How about this weekend? I wish to good condition and I wish to QSO for everyone.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

What is best?

Hi everyone.

This weekend, I will be not able to on the air on JT65 mode. I'm not in the house.
By the way, I used WSJT-X now. Which software is everyone using?

I am very interested in JT65 software. Because each software is a little bit different decode performance. I think, I compared decode performance each software that I choose the WSJT-X. It is very good performance and very simply setting up menu.

JT65-HF also thinks as good software of course, but I think an indication screen is complicated and is busy.

What do you recommend?  Of course, I recommend WSJT-X.
I'm waiting for a comment from everyone.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Now start QRP operation

HI all, Last time I wrote my operation power. It was only 5W now. Because If it used 10W then very easy contact of the world.

However, If the power was less than 5W. It open the different world. Each QSO is not easy. Therefor, it is very fun and exciting.

Now I am calling CQ then used my callsign with /QRP. Already got the QSO on QRP mode. but everyone can not send LoTW. I can got a little entities QSL as follows.

Everyone if you was QSO for me, please upload QSO log for LoTW. Thanks your kindness.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

After a long time.

Hello all, after a long time no write this blog. However, I was QRV on JT65A mode few times of the month.

Recently, the WSJT-X was updated on ver1.6. Now I used this version. This version indicated less then -20dB signal level.

Sometimes I was received -22dB from Europe. Because I can operated on QRP mode that the power is 5w into my antenna system.

therefor, very bad return ratio from Europe and the outside Asia. Of cause the band condition was also not so good. If the band was open. It very short time of good signal coming. As soon as unstable the condition on the band that it had a lot of QSB.

But I with to everyone on the band. If you will look my call, please all me.