Thursday, March 24, 2016


Hi everyone.

I'm injured from last weekend and am resting. Therefore practical use of JT-65 isn't also done. If it resumes, it'll be reported again.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Good open for South America by long path

Hello everyone.

This morning here at 5:30 o'clock local time that I started watch the 30m band on JT65 mode. However, the band was closed. I called CQ by JT65 mode about 10 minutes.

But no return from the world. Therefor,  Time remained, so I went to have breakfast. I go back shack after 1 hour. A band opened it suddenly.
WSJT-X printed a few call sign from South America. There were three LU stations and one CX station. I called their quickly.  I got a two LU stations. Their are LU8 stations that I did not get one LU9 station.

I also checked CW band. As same as JT65 mode, the two CE stations just came good signal by long path. their were very strong signal. As not same JT65 signal.

After a long time I got QSO on JT65 mode. At few days, I checked the JT65 band, However, I can not get a lot of DX signal on JT65 mode until this morning here.

But this morning I got a lot of DX signal. So it was pleased.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What's happened?

Hi everyone.

I return to home today. I will go to business trip tomorrow. Therefor, I go back home today.

I arrived at home, after that I turn on my transceiver. Just start watch the 30m band. What's happen? nothing,  all of the signal nothing.

I check the space weather report. Today happened geomagnetic storm and Ap-Index value is 24, Kp-Index value is 3. Maybe the band condition is unstable.

I think, the band watch is stop and turn off my transceiver that I go to bed. It is better choice.

I will try again tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I'll QRV on this weekend

Hello everyone.

I will QRV on 30m on this weekend until Sunday night. I will pleased this QRV.

What is 30m condition? Few weeks ago, it was very unstable. One day very good and I heard a lot of stations on the band.

However it condition was not to continue few hours. That signal had a deep and a lot of QSBs.

How about this weekend? I wish to good condition and I wish to QSO for everyone.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

What is best?

Hi everyone.

This weekend, I will be not able to on the air on JT65 mode. I'm not in the house.
By the way, I used WSJT-X now. Which software is everyone using?

I am very interested in JT65 software. Because each software is a little bit different decode performance. I think, I compared decode performance each software that I choose the WSJT-X. It is very good performance and very simply setting up menu.

JT65-HF also thinks as good software of course, but I think an indication screen is complicated and is busy.

What do you recommend?  Of course, I recommend WSJT-X.
I'm waiting for a comment from everyone.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Now start QRP operation

HI all, Last time I wrote my operation power. It was only 5W now. Because If it used 10W then very easy contact of the world.

However, If the power was less than 5W. It open the different world. Each QSO is not easy. Therefor, it is very fun and exciting.

Now I am calling CQ then used my callsign with /QRP. Already got the QSO on QRP mode. but everyone can not send LoTW. I can got a little entities QSL as follows.

Everyone if you was QSO for me, please upload QSO log for LoTW. Thanks your kindness.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

After a long time.

Hello all, after a long time no write this blog. However, I was QRV on JT65A mode few times of the month.

Recently, the WSJT-X was updated on ver1.6. Now I used this version. This version indicated less then -20dB signal level.

Sometimes I was received -22dB from Europe. Because I can operated on QRP mode that the power is 5w into my antenna system.

therefor, very bad return ratio from Europe and the outside Asia. Of cause the band condition was also not so good. If the band was open. It very short time of good signal coming. As soon as unstable the condition on the band that it had a lot of QSB.

But I with to everyone on the band. If you will look my call, please all me.