Mar 19, 2016

Good open for South America by long path

Hello everyone.

This morning here at 5:30 o'clock local time that I started watch the 30m band on JT65 mode. However, the band was closed. I called CQ by JT65 mode about 10 minutes.

But no return from the world. Therefor,  Time remained, so I went to have breakfast. I go back shack after 1 hour. A band opened it suddenly.
WSJT-X printed a few call sign from South America. There were three LU stations and one CX station. I called their quickly.  I got a two LU stations. Their are LU8 stations that I did not get one LU9 station.

I also checked CW band. As same as JT65 mode, the two CE stations just came good signal by long path. their were very strong signal. As not same JT65 signal.

After a long time I got QSO on JT65 mode. At few days, I checked the JT65 band, However, I can not get a lot of DX signal on JT65 mode until this morning here.

But this morning I got a lot of DX signal. So it was pleased.