Saturday, November 19, 2016

1st contact on EME

Hi all

The EMEer is very active in this weekend. Maybe the contest will open on this weekend.

I think,  it is very good chance for QSO by EME in this weekend. I wake up at 0500 local time on Saturday morning. (1900z)

I checked EME logger. Who is on air now. Just I found HB9Q. It is very big station that I will be able to QSO for him.

I checked his on air future. I was very surprised at his signal. It was very strong signal. Really is this signal return from moon?

I called him, but no return. Return to another station. I was wait for finished QSO.
After that I called again.

Bingo, Return to my call. I am happy. This is my first EME QSO.

I looking for other stations. I found other two stations. UT6UG and OK1TIK. I called their. However, each stations no return to my call. 

However, I can look some stations signal on WSJT software. Maybe near future I will be able to contact a lot of stations.

This winter, I make a new plan. It is upgrade for my antenna system. Now used 20 elements Yagi x 2 x 2 Horizontal beam. This antenna will change the 4 x 2.
*80 elements Yagi to 160 elements Yagi

I will pleased this new plan.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Rotor controler

Hi all

I usually used rotor control itself. It can not computer control and no used external control.
Therefore sometimes wrong direction by my antenna direction.

Normally I operate on HF band. So it not critical direction by contact place. About 10 degrees different, it no problem.

However, if EME operation use. It is big problem by this matter. It need correct direction. So I looking for extrenal robot controler.

I looking for that by internet. I just found that. That is ARS-USB. It made EA4TX, as same as Arduino systems.

I am interested in this controler. So just posted Moon net ML.

Who is use?

I will waiting answer for everyone.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Upgrade for my antenna system

Hi all

After a long time. This week I was busy that I had a lot of job.

Lat weekend I was tried EME on 432MHz schedule for VK4EME. However, bad luck situation. I can not decode his signal.

This week, I called ham shop and I was order to new antenna system.

Now my antenna system is 20 elements Yagi x 2 x 2 Horizontal beam. But I think it was not enough.

Therefore It add more one stacking array. Finally my antenna is 20 elements x 4 x 2 Horizontal beam.  Total 160 elements Yagi antenna.

However, I will have enough free time. So maybe this antenna system will doing end of this year.

I will active operate on EME next year. It will my target scope for next year.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

No contact for schedule

Hi all
Yesterday I went back my home. Because I make schedule with VK4EME.

Today I make EME contact schedule at 0300z on 432.075MHz.
However, We can not contact QSO by EME. I can not decode his signal on WSJT9 program.

Allan said. I must use low noise preamp, if no use maybe I can not decode EME signal.

Of course I use the low noise preamp now. But actually I can not decode. Why can not?

I check my system now. I found problem. It is very big problem. That is antenna direction move about 30 deg.


I found the cause. This year, many big typhoon went Japan. Therefore very strong wind blowed that. Maybe antenna direction move that time.

Therefore I can not contact him.

Until end of this year, I have not free time. So this antenna maintenance will be able to end of this year or next early year.

Near future, I will operate JT65A mode on HF band. JT65B mode will next time.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Just started new schedule

Hi all

I posted moon-net ML. Many people advices for me about EME operation with many advice.

I am very glad to advise from everyone. In this weekend, I will go back home. I checked open path for each place. For US,  Pacifica, and Europe.

I just posted open window time from my QTH to ML.

Some people replaying this post quickly.

I make schedule when I will hear and freq.

I will exiting EME project in this weekend.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Next step

Hi all

After a long time. I didn't go home last few weeks. Therefore no QRV.

Now I will planning new project. I usually on air on 30m band JT65A mode.  I understand that it can easy contact on HF band by JT65A mode.

Next try, I will QRV on 70cm band by JT65B mode.  I have 20 ele x 2 x 2 antenna system. I will be able to use this one and I will try to EME by QRP 50W.

I member of moon-net ML. I was posted question for ML. Some member answer for me that scheduling QRV on this weekend.

So I will go home this weekend.

I will report my new try situation.