Saturday, November 19, 2016

1st contact on EME

Hi all

The EMEer is very active in this weekend. Maybe the contest will open on this weekend.

I think,  it is very good chance for QSO by EME in this weekend. I wake up at 0500 local time on Saturday morning. (1900z)

I checked EME logger. Who is on air now. Just I found HB9Q. It is very big station that I will be able to QSO for him.

I checked his on air future. I was very surprised at his signal. It was very strong signal. Really is this signal return from moon?

I called him, but no return. Return to another station. I was wait for finished QSO.
After that I called again.

Bingo, Return to my call. I am happy. This is my first EME QSO.

I looking for other stations. I found other two stations. UT6UG and OK1TIK. I called their. However, each stations no return to my call. 

However, I can look some stations signal on WSJT software. Maybe near future I will be able to contact a lot of stations.

This winter, I make a new plan. It is upgrade for my antenna system. Now used 20 elements Yagi x 2 x 2 Horizontal beam. This antenna will change the 4 x 2.
*80 elements Yagi to 160 elements Yagi

I will pleased this new plan.