Saturday, November 5, 2016

No contact for schedule

Hi all
Yesterday I went back my home. Because I make schedule with VK4EME.

Today I make EME contact schedule at 0300z on 432.075MHz.
However, We can not contact QSO by EME. I can not decode his signal on WSJT9 program.

Allan said. I must use low noise preamp, if no use maybe I can not decode EME signal.

Of course I use the low noise preamp now. But actually I can not decode. Why can not?

I check my system now. I found problem. It is very big problem. That is antenna direction move about 30 deg.


I found the cause. This year, many big typhoon went Japan. Therefore very strong wind blowed that. Maybe antenna direction move that time.

Therefore I can not contact him.

Until end of this year, I have not free time. So this antenna maintenance will be able to end of this year or next early year.

Near future, I will operate JT65A mode on HF band. JT65B mode will next time.