Friday, November 11, 2016

Upgrade for my antenna system

Hi all

After a long time. This week I was busy that I had a lot of job.

Lat weekend I was tried EME on 432MHz schedule for VK4EME. However, bad luck situation. I can not decode his signal.

This week, I called ham shop and I was order to new antenna system.

Now my antenna system is 20 elements Yagi x 2 x 2 Horizontal beam. But I think it was not enough.

Therefore It add more one stacking array. Finally my antenna is 20 elements x 4 x 2 Horizontal beam.  Total 160 elements Yagi antenna.

However, I will have enough free time. So maybe this antenna system will doing end of this year.

I will active operate on EME next year. It will my target scope for next year.