Saturday, October 21, 2017

JT65 operation in HF after a long time

Hi all

It is a rainy weather as the typhoon is approaching today.
In the 70 cm band EME, EU stations does not come out so we decided not to operate.

Instead he did the operation of JT65A with HF after a long time. It operated 20 meters.

Since HF's antenna is GP, it can not be sent too far. Balance between ears and feeding seems not to be very good, only QSO can be done in the near field.

Still, when we operated using the available time, we were able to QSO 12 stations. Basically it is near, there is almost no EU.

Sometimes it's good to QSO with HF leisurely.


Friday, October 20, 2017

70cm DXCC holder

Hi all

I got a cold since it got cold sharply this week. It was a week when sneezing and cough did not stop.

By the way, I heard that there are a lot of DXCC holders including JA in 2m, but I was wondering what it would be like in 70 cm. I knew that DL9KR has DXCC #1 on the QSL, so I knew how much else is there?

I thought so, I looked it up on the site of ARRL.

How, there are nine people in the world around DXCC holders. The top is 130E of DL7APV, the next is 128E of HB9Q. The 3rd place OK1DFC is 118E, DK3WG is 101E, after 100E is DF3RU, DL9KR, K2UYH, OK1KIR, PA3CSG.

Looking at this, there are a lot of DL stations overwhelmingly. Moreover, are not they all BIG antenna stations?

I wonder if I can not reach 100E unless I use such a large antenna.

It was a fact that I felt that the authorities' way was quite long.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

New Project Control circuit specification review

Hi all

Today we are examining the specification of the control circuit for the new SSPA.

The main PA part is designed by specialized engineers and is preparing for prototyping, but the specification for controlling the essential SSPA has not been set yet.

Today, for the first time, I have firstly examined the basic functions and are considering it from there.

First of all, what is the input signal to the control circuit? I will think about what kind of action it will, and write it in the specification one by one.

Likewise, the output signal is the same. How can I control the operation of this new SSPA, I can not consider if I can not imagine how to control it.

At the same time, we also have to think about what kind of display must be made in order to make the LCD display various situations.

At first glance it seems easy, but because everything is related, it is becoming a complicated combination.
Although I am looking forward to thinking about this specification most, too.

Engineers designing the control circuit are urged to present specifications quickly, so it is necessary to write them up as soon as possible, but it is difficult to work because the work is busy.


Monday, October 16, 2017

IC-9100 is the best transceiver for WSJT

Hi all

Today I will introduce the IC - 9100 that I am using. This rig is very good for use with WSJT.

Because it has an audio codec and frequency control is possible with CI-V.

Particularly wonderful is that the audio codec is built in. In other words, connecting the main unit and the PC with a USB cable will solve everything.

In general, connect the transceiver and the PC using hardware such as DIGIKEYER, USB audio, sound card, etc.

In this case, the operation becomes unstable or the number of the audio device changes, which affects the operation of the WSJT. Also, it is necessary to adjust the input and output of audio frequently.

Because of such troubles, this IC-9100 opens up. First of all, download the USB driver according to the OS from HP of ICOM and install it on your PC.

Next, connecting the IC-9100 with the USB cable, the USB audio and the COM port are set up. At this time, although two COM ports are generated, it is not a mistake.

This is because it is connected to two internal circuits through USB HUB installed inside these radios.

Therefore, on the personal computer, these two internal circuits are recognized as two COM ports. After that, it is completed by selecting audio device designation with WSJT and USB audio generated by IC-9100.

After that, only the main body setting of IC-9100.
It is set mode to set, two of USB Mode Level of Mode 56 and DATA MODE of Mode 59. Because it uses USB-D when using WSJT.

Another thing to remember is to control linear, etc. using ACC unexpectedly, but in standard setting HF and VUHF are controlled by separate signals. It is mode 53 VSEND select.

Generally, turn it off and use it. Linear of HF can be switched, but this is the cause if linear VUHF can not be switched.

This time, I purchased this transceiver according to the operation of EME. I think that it is a very wonderful transceiver.

Everyone, if you have the opportunity, please try using it.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Project meeting in 14th.OCT

Hi all

Last night we discussed about controlling the linear amplifier.

We started talking about the fundamental part, such as the difference in characteristics between SSPA and vacuum tube linear amplifier, how to operate it, and so on.

When I turn on the power with SSPA, what will I check and what will it display? When actually entering operation, what must be monitored at all times?

What kind of processing should be done if problems occur during monitoring?

In fact, what kind of signals are needed to realize them after clarifying check items and monitoring items?

Also, what kind of control must be done after receiving these signals?

If you do not write down the detailed specifications, you can not select the type of microcomputer you need and you can not code the program.

There are many things to do yet.

It is fun to be discussing toward realizing step by step.


Saturday, October 14, 2017

I want to ask everyone

HI all

I want to ask everyone.

We are currently examining SSPA as New Project.

What kind of demands are there for every 70 cm linear amp? I'd like to hear from you all the requests.

If you are interested, please use our designed linear amplifier. For that purpose, I also want to know the demands that you are seeking.

Come, please comment.


Project meeting in 13th.COT

Hi all

Last night, stakeholders gathered and arranged a meeting of the 70cm linear amp making project. The content of this study is heat dissipation.

In general SSB, the load is said to be around 30%. Is it about 50% even at CW? However, since I mainly use JT65, intermittent operation of at least 48 seconds continuous transmission and 72 seconds reception lasts more than 1 hour.

If I try to do it with 1KW of power, I have to cool quite a bit of heat. The main device is LDMOS, but it is used for push-pull.

If the power amplification efficiency is 50%, 2KW input is required to output 1 KW, in that case 1KW will be heated and disappear.

Actually, there is also loss of LPF and relay, so efficiency decreases further. Trying these heat dissipation with air cooling would require a huge heat sink and a powerful fan, and the noise would be more intense than anything else.

Although it is still under consideration, it is nearly our conclusion that there are only water cooling to meet these demands.

There is no problem as long as operation on SSB is a prerequisite, but because of the focus on digital mode operation, such issues will be highlighted.

Consideration of 70cm continuous 1KW transmission linear amplifier is still continuing.


Friday, October 13, 2017

Relay sequence circuit

Hi all

We examined the control circuit of the 432 MHz linear amplifier which we are currently studying.

At this stage, it consists of the part which controls the relays of LNA, OUT REALY, IN RELAY, VDS, the case temperature, the part which measures the heat sink temperature, and the LCD part which displays these information.

At this stage, precise constants are not decided, so the numerical values on the circuit diagram have no meaning.

The brain part of the control circuit also examined PIC, but I made Arduino considering that it is easy to change.

Since it is a circuit made by reference only, it will be finally changed.

It is a lot of fun while I am dreaming.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I am looking for UHF high power coaxial relay

Hi all

I am looking for UHF high power coaxial relay.
Because it is necessary for our new project. In Japan, high power coaxial relay for 70cm band is not available.

In general, up to the 2m band CX600CN seems to be able to withstand a withstand voltage of 1 KW or more, but there is no 1 KW guarantee in the 70cm band.

Among the EMEer in the world there are stations that produce 1.5 KW of high power, but what kind of coaxial relays are they using?

If you are in a person reading this blog, please let me know.

What kind of item is it and where can I purchase it?

I am waiting for comments.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Hi all

I participated in the ARRL EME CONTEST for the first time this time. Since it was supposed to have had an antenna last year (it was 4x20H), I think that the watch was made, but I was busy with my work and I could not return home.

It was full of participation this year. It was participation with the antenna and the power increased, but it ended in a splendid defeat. There were many stations that QSO can not do even if they are visible.

Compared with the ARI performed earlier, I feel that the signal was weak overall. I think that this is not all due to the polarization plane mismatch. Especially, although I tried hard on Saturday, Sunday is completely useless.

The final result was only 18 stations. Because I could not even see the signal of the station that I've ever had QSO. QSO with SA which was the object of 1 was also able to see LU8ENU signal for 2 consecutive days, but this signal does not arrive. I experienced the power of the world.

From LU8ENU, I saw it, probably the next day I got a mail saying I could do QSO today. It is expected for 2nd stage.


Next Sunday is N7NW, NC1I, UX0FF, DF3RU, YL2GD

The second day was a miserable situation.

Still it was my first time to enjoy ARRL.

Monday, October 9, 2017

South America is far

Hi all

Last night I was looking for SA LU8ENU for WAC aim. This MR was around 19:30 late yesterday.

At this time the elevation angle of LU8ENU is about 11 degrees, so the time left is little.

After this MR, the signal of LU8ENU managed to be visible somehow from the time the elevation angle exceeds 1 degree, but it is very weak.

Well it means that there is always a chance.

If this elevation angle exceeds 5 degrees, the other side goes down to 8 degrees. The remaining time decreases by moment.

This time I feel pretty well, the unreasonable signal is not strong, but I always capture the signal.

It is around this time that GG is working, so even if it is almost impossible for no return at this time, there is no return.

With such a feeling I went to the peak at around -22, I kept on forever, but eventually I could not do it. It is very disappointing.

If this was possible, WAC was completed at 430 MHz, but it is not that sweet all over the world.

Anyway, I have no choice but to hope for the final session next month. I sent a screenshot to LU 8 ENU because the signal was received properly here.

And another one

By the way, I was watching the signal at NA Window last night, but the K3MF signal was very strong and it was about -12 in the peak, but I can not pick up it all.

Looking at his data, the value of DT is between 1.0 and 1.3. Haa ~ is feeling. Because it is EME, it is about 2.5 seconds usually. I sometimes have 1.9 sometimes because I set the PC time, but it is roughly 2.0 or more.

That is 1.0 as same as GW. So no matter how many times I call it there is no return. Time gap in WSJT is fatal.

So I thought that I never saw QSO even though I was issuing CQ all the time.

I will always make an update to NTP only once, after launching the PC.

PC clock time is the most important confirmation item for those who do WSJT.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Contest day 1st and others

Hi all

I was entry on ARRL EME Contest yesterday. The condition was not so good.

It seems that the polarization plane has been severely altered as strong stations are weak at any moment or can not be heard.

I was able to confirm the signal of LU8ENU at 10 o'clock UTC, but the elevation angle was still as low as 5 degrees and it did not reach QSO.

Window to LU is as short as 10 minutes, QSO is difficult. However, as I was able to hear the signal, I think there is a chance of QSO.

Eventually, we could only QSO with North America and 4 stations. Europe is almost the same, no signal is heard. On the first day I finished with QSO with 13 stations in all.

Today, I would like to check the North American pass again.

During the day, I made free time so I did the work for the first time in a while. Craft is several kits purchased from W6PQL.

I solder the parts to the board, but it is quite difficult because the parts are surface mount parts.

This time, I made LPF and other two boards for relay control.

These were purchased for the evaluation of new projects we are advancing.

I would like to measure the electrical characteristics and refer to it.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

EA9LZ is invisible

Hi all

OK1DFC moved to EA9 due to various circumstances and started QRV at EA9LZ.

QRV began this morning in Japan time, but I can not decode it here.
I can not even see the signal. You can see a report sent by the station you are calling or QSOing.

It is a tough situation. It seems that QRV will be scheduled to 23 cm tomorrow, so QSO may not be possible.

Today I was able to QSO with 3 stations. It is PA3CSG, DF3RU and OK1KIR.

Everyone, see you in the ARRL contest!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Can not operate CN2R?

HI all

Good morning. ARRL EME CONTEST was held this weekend, and several peddies were planned according to it. 3B8, 3DA0, CN, D4 etc were the subjects.

In the meantime, the following information came about last night on CN2R by OK1DFC. Originally, even from himself, I got an email in the summer when I am looking forward to QRV at the ARRL of October with CN2R.

However, in the latest information, information that said that we have prepared as thoroughly as we are already preparing for arriving at CN has been flowing earlier this week, but we have officially licensed from relevant departments of CN It has not been accepted yet, it is a story that QRV can not be done this weekend.

Instead he is exploring the operation from EA9.

However, these are not information development from the person himself.

It is disappointing not to be operated only by Pedi who was looking forward to it. I would like to wait for an official announcement from the execution unit.

There is no information that there is a problem in other operations.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

New Simulation

Hi all

Our engineers simulated the characteristics of LPF when using air-core coils.

As far as the simulation results are concerned, I think that there is a nice good characteristic point.

However, the problem with air core coils is repeatable. Especially when it comes to UHF such as 70cm band, it seems that a little form difference will be affected.

In practice it will be necessary to experiment to determine the shape.

If you are interested, please comment.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Simulation of LPF

Hi all

This time is an introduction of LPF simulation.
Our engineers examined the LPF using the characteristics of the board. The material is when FR4 is used.

The simulation result is such a characteristic.

It is a simulation using such a pattern. However, with this pattern, there is concern that passband power withstand voltage exists.

The inductance is not a pattern characteristic, it is thought that the use of the air core coil becomes a high withstand voltage.

I also actually experiment to determine constants.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Simulation of SSPA

Hi all

I will introduce the results of the SSPA to our engineers was simulation.

Since this is only a simulation result, it is actually necessary to adjust according to the parts to be used.

However, as a result of simulation, the result is quite good.

Our challenge continues

QSL received

Hi all

This month, I was joined ARI contest. That time, I was contacted few new stations.
I got new QSLs.

DL5FN used new antenna photo. It was modificated feed lines. It's great.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A design of a basic circuit has completed us

Hi all

A basic specification note of SSPA with LDMOS is made, and we have finished designing a basic circuit.

You could set return-loss as 20dB and simulate electric power synthesis of 2 of LDMOS.

However, it is simulation test only now. We'll test by a production now, and have to be adjusting the fixed number.

The result of the test would be in at the end of next month.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Start of a new project plan

Hi all

Yesterday, I joined few persons and discus new project plan.

What is new project plan?

It isn't possible to choose an in most cases linear amplifier. Since putting it in the 430MHz in particular, it's serious.

We're going to design the small linear amplifier from which stable output is obtained.

When I'd like a result of the evaluation of course, distribution by a kit is also considered.

It's begun from 430MHz first, but 3 bands of 50MHz and 1200MHz are being planned finally. Moreover something from which a use frequency is just different with the same design.

But, we aren't a product maker. Therefore it's uncertain what time everything is completed.

It's our mission to complete a linear amplifier of 430MHz at first.

If activity starts specifically, progress will be reported here.

Please inquire the person who takes an interest by e-mail.

It continues.

Monday, September 18, 2017

QRV was made cancellation

HI all

This morning is influence of a typhoon and a gale still keeps blowing.

I aimed at North America this morning, it wasn't possible to increase a tower by this strong wind.

Therefore this morning's QRV was made cancellation.

A regular station was found in Logger, but I can not QSO their, QSO, it was regrettable.

So everyone.  I will QRV on ARRL EME Contest next month.

See you next contest.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

I can QRV today

HI all.

An forcing look was different from a weather forecast and didn't blow until the afternoon.

But it wasn't in good condition and I didn't hear so much. I think that it's better for polarization plane to be vertical today.

I can QSO by 3 stations. That stations include new entities. G and I were NEW.

A typhoon is approaching, so I lower a tower and prepare for strong wind.

Today is the worst weather.

Hi all

Today is the worst weather. Because a typhoon is because I'm approaching.

My place is central Japan. Therefore, A typhoon doesn't hit directly. But strong wind is predicted.

Is it a fifty-fifty probability whether I can participate in a contest today?

The wind is still gentle at present, so when this state continues until the evening, I'd be able to participate in a contest.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

1st day of ARI contest

Hi all

Today start ARI EME contest. I watched 70cm band. However, not so active everyone. I QRV until moonset. But I QSO only 4 stations.

I think, everyone can active after 700z, maybe. However, that time is already closed moon window from Japan to Europe. Bad luck.

But I can got the new 3 stations. So I am happy now.

I QSO YL2GD, DL8FBD and DL8DAU is new stations. And 2nd QSO for VK4EME. Total 4 stations QSO today.

Tomorrow, I will try again on 70cm by ARI EME contest.

New QSL design

Hi all

This my new QSL design.
Just now my design fix. I request printing start for supplier today.

I order to LZ3HI, He made me with the special price this time.
About 1 month later, it's expected to deliver goods, it is. It's very pleasant, isn't it?

Friday, September 15, 2017

Arrival new two QSL

HI all

I received new two QSL card. There was QSO in JUL and AUG.
Each QSL is very good picture. I like there.

I order new QSL now. maybe after one month. I get my new QSl card.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I enjoyed last weekend

HI all

Last weekend was ARRL VHF CONTEST SEPTEMBER. I looking for DX station vie 70cm EME. I think that day was good condition.

But all people can on air the 50MHz and 144MHz. So very few on the 70cm band.

However, I can got the new stations. I am very pleased.

I got 4 stations that it include 2 stations were new entities. There are ES and UR.

I will please this weekend.  Because It will be start ARI contest.

Everyone, see you this weekend.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

I will entry ARI contest

Hi all

I will entry in a contest of ARI at next week's end.
A category will be only 70cm band.

I wish QSO for a lot of station.

See you next weekend.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

New mode IC-9700 Exhibit only

Hi all

I went to HAM FAIR yesterday. It's once's event in the year performed at Kanto area.

ICOM exhibited a new transceiver in reference. There is a lot of submitting of a transceiver of HF in the past, this time was the one from VUHF.

It's a transceiver of good news for EMEer.

A model name is IC-9700. The latest technology is introduced into this model, and it's made extraordinarily small. The size is equal to IC-7300, isn't it?

By this body, up to 144 MHz~1200 MHz can QRV. It still became unreleased for details.

Don't you think I want these transceiver and you?

You'd like to pay attention to future's movement, right?

Saturday, September 2, 2017

I got award

Hi all

When the mail was checked this morning, a download guide of AWARD had come from ARI. This is the one of a contest with which I participated in spring of this year.

I can download it.

Those days was output of 50W, so I can only with 3 stations QSO. The same contest has in this month.

However, It'll be participation by 400W this time. I wish to meet many station with QSO and pleased.

See you in the contest.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Very difficult QSO

Hi all

A mail was received from LU8ENU this morning. He was talking about the same thing as PY2BS, too.

An obstacle is west from his QTH. It's seen from South America, and it seems difficult for QSO as expected in west Japan.

Now, is it the one which should be done how?

Sunday, August 27, 2017

I wish to QSO for South America via EME

Hi all

Most is QSO in EME recently for me. QSO in EME is because it's difficult and very exciting.

It was still 20 QSO altogether, but QSO in 5 continent among 6 continents was made already. However, It will be very difficult QSO between JA to South America.

Because South America is opposite to Japan. Therefore, Time when both of them open is very short. And both angles of elevation will be the condition to say less than 5 degrees.

I requested of PY2BS, and planned a schedule. It was the quite severe condition, but he said that it wasn't impossible.

I think I'll try several times to the end of the year now.

I'm waiting for information from everyone, too.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Big signal coming

Hi all

This afternoon here. The European people wakeup the time. I watch on Logger again.

However, not yet many people login.

At 0500z, HB9Q was CQ on 432.090. This time, A signal of the strength which isn't believed has come. HB9Q's CQ signal is -5dB. I think really?

I call to him and we were QSO. I received signal report that it was -15dB. As usually -24 or -25dB is best. But it is improve about 10dB. It's good.

We finished QSO. After that OZ4MM talk to me. Please QSY 022 and CW mode.
He need CW QSO. I QSY to 022 and CW mode.

Really, today is very good condition. So OZ4MM signal is also very good. I can hear his signal easy.

We can QSO on CW mode easily. Finally OZ4MM signal is real 569. Good.

Todays last QSO is JS3CTQ. I can not yet QSO for JA. If success, my 1st JA and ASIA station.

We have not big antenna and high power. So very difficult QSO.  My signal is very weak -30dB. However, we can QSO at finally.

If same condition will come, I can QSO more peoples.

This morning QSO

Hi all

This morning at 500 o'clock local time. I was QSO for NC1I. He chatted me on logger. He already QRV on 432.072MHz. I checked that freq.

I found his signal very easy. Because his signal was very strong. I can hear his signal by my ear. Very surprised.

I called him. Can easy QSO. His best signal value was -10dB.

I understand why his signal is strong. Very Big antenna array.


Saturday, August 19, 2017

New 2 QSOs in this afternoon

Hi all.

Today was open moon window at 3 to 16 o'clock local time. This morning at 5 o'clock local time. I was QSO KL6M on CW mode.

At 10 o'clock, the moon position at south-south-west. Maybe the Eastern Europe and Indian ocean is open.

I was scheduled FR5DN at 0400z on 70cm band. I wait him on the band.

FR5DN(Philippe) logged in logger before 0400z. I contacted him that are you ready? if Ok I call you 1st on 070 at 0400z. Then our QSO start.

Today good condition, so I was surprised at his signal. It is -18db and I can hear his signal.

After finish this QSO. OH6UW call to me. Yesterday we tried QSO. But one way path and not yet QSO. About few days also. His signal decode me, but he can not decode my signal.

However, this time we possible QSO. Start time, also one way path. I can decode.
but he said, signal had come, but no decode.

Finally, we success QSO.

EME QSO is very fun. As same as HF low band. It's difficult for QSO, but there is feeling of achievement.

QSO for KL6M on 70cm EME CW

Hi all

After a long time no write this blog. A high-power check was completed last month.

I can used Hi-power in this month. I can QSO for EMEer in the world. I can QSO on 70cm EME total 19 QSOs. Not yet QSO for AS and SA.

This morning here, I made schedule for KL6M at 2000z. I can call to KL6M on 432.020MHz. I called 1st and It's used by sequence of one minute interval.

I can QSO for KL6M. His signal was good about 559. EME CW like a HF low band CW operation. Because each signal had deep QSB.

Very exciting operation.

After that, I tried JT65B QSO for WA2FGK. His signal came good about -17dB. However, we can not QSO in this time.

We will try next time.

Beaming to moon.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

2nd QSO on 70cm EME

Hi all

It succeeded in QSO in the 2nd station of EME last weekend.

I made a schedule with DK3WG and challenged QSO in EME to challenge QSO by the new antenna given this month.

my setup is IC-911 50W with 20ele x 4 x 2

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Antenna construction closeout

Antenna construction has been completed finally.
This antenna is the conventional double size.

It'll be used for a while by this antenna first.

The change application by which present is 500W, getting ready. It plans to power up in 500W by summer.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My antenna system now

Hi all

This photo is my antenna system now. I mainly operate on 30m and 432MHz. On 6m is sometimes on the air last year.

However in this month. I will planning build a new antenna system. The 1st, 6m antenna remove after that 432MHz antenna will upgrade.

Therefor I will finish build my new antenna system then I will upload new antenna system photo.

see you

Sunday, January 1, 2017

HNY 2017

Hi all

Happy New Year 2017 

I'll still try to EME for low power in this year.

I wish to hope and peace in the world.